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Group Members

The Emergent Epidemics Lab takes a complex systems approach to advancing our scientific understanding of health: from cells to society. Our research spans a broad range of topics in complex systems and network science, including: infectious disease dynamics, forecasting and predictive modeling, complex network analysis, disease genomics and transcriptomics, outbreak surveillance, social networks, gene network evolution, and decision making under uncertainty. We approach these topics by investigating questions using mathematical and computational methods from biology, epidemiology, statistics, physics, applied mathematics, and computer science.

Through collaboration with laboratory, field, and public health researchers, the mathematical and computational models we develop are interrogated with novel experiments, evaluated on new data sources, and applied to public health and clinical problems. Our surveillance research, for example, is done in close association with state, national, and international public health agencies and has led to substantive changes in surveillance practices. We believe this type of collaboration between scientists and public health decision makers is critical for efficient, effective outbreak preparedness and response.

Undergraduate Students

Tamara Hadzic and Daisha Joseph joined the lab in 2020 and are working with us on COVID-19 modeling and wastewater surveillance.

Graduate Students

Chia-Hung Yang joined the group in 2017. Chia-Hung just finished his PhD in Network Science studying gene network evolution. He is the first PhD student to graduate from our group!

Wan He joined the group in 2018. Wan is a third-year PhD student in Network Science and is broadly interested in network science, statistics and computer science.

Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi joined the group in 2020. Mehdi is a third-year PhD student in Physics and studies deep learning.

Clara Bay is joining us in fall 2021!

Tamanna Urmi is joining us in fall 2021!

Postdoctoral Researchers

Munik Shrestha joined the group in 2016. He and I are working on a number of exciting projects, including: quantifying the robustness of the neonatal intensive care unit transfer network in the USA, determining the time series of epidemiological risk in lions and gorillas using high resolution social contact data, mapping the spread of Zika virus, and the application of topic modeling to networks and contagion.


James Sheldon is a senior software engineer for the Global.health project and is based out of the Roux Institute in Portland, Maine. He joined us in spring 2021.

Research Assistants

George Echeverria joined the lab in Fall 2020 and is working with our partners at Georgetown University on understanding the global landscape of COVID-19 policies. George earned a Bachelors in Biochemistry from Rutgers.

Past members

High School: Nitish Kaza (Northeastern), Meghan Hill (SFI), Sergio Mata (SFI), and John Chan (UT Austin).

Undergraduate: Ezra Levy (Northeastern), Georgia Christensen (Northeastern University), George Chrisafis (UVM), Sophia Navarre (UVM), Haedi DeAngelis (SFI), Cody O’Ferrall (SFI), Gilia Patterson (SFI), Patrick Hunt (UT Austin), and Garrett Johnson (UT Austin).

Masters: Deven Gokhale (UVM) and Tandin Dorji (UVM).