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Samuel Scarpino

Managing Director at the Rockefeller Foundation.

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R Packages

multiDimBio: An R Package for the Design, Analysis, and Visualization of Systems Biology Experiments. Paper.

binequality: An R Package for Performing Multimodel Estimation of Inequality from Binned Incomes. Paper.

Emergent Epidemics Lab GitHub Repository

Emergent Epidemics Lab.

Code for gene expression network analysis

R code and data. Please see our publication in Proc. Roy. Soc. B for more information and cite us if you use the code.

Moderator Buster

R code and data. Shiny app.

Code for infection trees

R code to work with infection trees. Specifically, this removes non-bifurcating internal nodes, which will prevent you from using the phylogenetic tools in R.

Code to plot infection trees using graphviz. Written by Ruben Andrist.

PCA Examples

PCA examples.