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Ebola Virus Disease outbreak Bikoro, DRC

On May 8th 2018, the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, along with the World Health Organization, declared an Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in Bikoro, DRC. Both the DRC Ministry of Health and the WHO are providing regular situation reports on the number of confirmed, probable, and suspected cases/deaths.

Caitlin M. Rivers, PhD, an Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Engineering and a senior associate in the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University, has been digitizing those reports and making them available via a GitHub repository. Professor Rivers also led the NIH MIDAS consortium efforts to digitize and share EVD data during the 2014-15 outbreak in West Africa [see Rivers 2018].

To visually explore the EVD data coming from the DRC, I imported the data into Dharma Platform using their patent-pending, digital transformation engine. Below, you can see a time series of confirmed case reports coming from different health regions.

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