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Group Members

Undergraduate Students

I am currently looking for motivated undergraduates interested in modeling infectious disease outbreaks.

Graduate Students

Chia-Hung Yang joined the group in 2017. Chia-Hung Yang is a PhD student in Network Science. We are working on a models of gene network evolution.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Munik Shrestha joined the group in 2016. He and I are working on a number of exciting projects, including: quantifying the robustness of the neonatal intensive care unit transfer network in the USA, determining the time series of epidemiological risk in lions and gorillas using high resolution social contact data, mapping the spread of Zika virus, and the application of topic modeling to networks and contagion.

Past members

High School: Meghan Hill (SFI), Sergio Mata (SFI), and John Chan (UT Austin),

Undergraduate: George Chrisafis (UVM), Sophia Navarre (UVM), Haedi DeAngelis (SFI), Cody O’Ferrall (SFI), Gilia Patterson (SFI), Patrick Hunt (UT Austin), and Garrett Johnson (UT Austin).

Masters: Deven Gokhale (UVM)